A Place of Peace

Becoming a member is a direct way of supporting the Wangapeka as a place of peace. It is an encouragement for the centre to continue on in its vision for future generations. The Wangapeka is an inclusive community that has opened its gates to people from all walks of life. It is a rare and successful experiment of spiritual awakening and generosity in action.

Our land radiates harmony and strength as a testament to all those that have given to the centre because they wished for themselves and others to have a better life. We invite you to become a member and be part of this vast vision of community working together.

Engaged Compassion

Membership allows an invested interest in the decisions that shape the Wangapeka. It supports the flourishing of the centre – and gifts to future generations of children, a place to come for peaceful restoration, and ecological and spiritual nourishment.

Becoming a member actively supports the continuation of Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche’s teachings, and the many students and teachers he has inspired to dedicate their lives to the practicing and sharing of Dharma. It could be said that his teachings are in the actual earth of the centre – and his ashes are here in the Stupa.

It also protects the awe-inducing land and creatures that live here, which speaks to so many of the beauty and goodwill of life.


Support the Positive

For $60 a year, the price of a takeaway coffee a month, one can make a firm statement that this centre is a true gift to the planet. It is a good-hearted balance to actions often filled with heedless consumption of the earth’s resources and regret-filled aggression.

More young people are coming to this beautiful centre, membership allows us to support them, as we have been supported – by having the protected space to do this challenging, yet so fruitful work, which is the pinnacle of evolution. Let us make sure this centre is available for those who are called to awakening, and the study of peace, for centuries to come.



Join us!

The Wangapeka Educational Trust offers both individual and family membership. In addition, for a lesser amount you can become a Friend of Wangapeka. Choose a category that suits you.


Full Individual Membership

pay $60 a year and receive discounted accommodation.

Family Membership

pay $75 a year and receive discounted accommodation.

Friends of Wangapeka

pay $25 a year and support the Wangapeka Newsphere E-zine which publishes monthly online news and teachings.

You can send us an email so we can send you the Trust membership forms.

Copies of the older Newspheres are archived in pdf form on this website here.



Membership Application and Renewal Form

You can download the word document here

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 6.12.33 pmMembership-Application-form


Or fill it in online below

People outside New Zealand can pay with ease with Paypal.
People in New Zealand please contact the for the Wangapeka’s bank information.
Please let the Wangapeka Office Caretaker know when you have made the payment so your membership details can be updated

Information for Paypal – Choose membership before going through to the cart: (not needed for people paying through Bank transfer)

Membership Type





“There’s not much that you as an individual can do about the wars that are taking place in the world at the moment. Yet the big ideas of peace and the efforts of the UN are certainly not effective. But I declare that the little change in the individual that overcomes war within, and then another, and another, will create a radiance of peace and eventually this radiance will have the power to stop the big wars. If you want a new society, it starts with you. If you want to change this society, the most logical thing to do is change yourself. The most powerful thing you can do is change your own being. In order to get peace in society, you have to get peaceful beings.”

“When there is true aspiration for peace, that aspiration is fulfilled peacefully. Peace is not like some bovine animal dully chewing away. The mind of peace is extremely intelligent. There is strength to fulfill the aspiration and the fulfilment comes softly.”

Excerpts from ‘The Meditation on Peace’ is used with permission from Bodhi Publishing. Copies of ‘The Meditation on Peace’ can be purchased online at:, along with many other fine titles by Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche.