Becoming a member/supporter is a direct and much appreciated way of supporting the Wangapeka.  Your payments enable much needed maintenance to our buildings and land to occur so that future generations may benefit.


Membership options

Membership is now payable as a monthly or yearly automatic payment rather than the previous one off amount.  Payments can come off your credit card or through internet banking. This new model enables generousity of support to the Wangapeka as you have options of subscriptions depending on your own means.

You can be an individual or family member. Payment can also be on an annual basis as well if you prefer. The monthly system will suit those who like to not have to keep on renewing each year.


If paying by internet banking, our account name is Wangapeka Educational Trust and account number is: 03 0703 0156597 03

If paying by PayPal, please add 5% to your payment to cover the commission, and state clearly what the payment is for.

Our membership subscription is NZ$60 per annum for individuals and $75 per annum for families. Membership is paid by monthly automatic payments or annually. Payments in excess of NZ$60 per annum include membership to WET.



Support the Positive

For as little as $100 a year, the price of a takeaway coffee a month, one can make a firm statement that this centre is a true gift to the planet. It is a good-hearted balance to actions often filled with heedless consumption of the earth’s resources and regret-filled aggression.

More young people are coming to this beautiful centre, membership allows us to support them, as we have been supported – by having the protected space to do this challenging, yet so fruitful work, which is the pinnacle of evolution. Let us make sure this centre is available for those who are called to awakening, and the study of peace, for centuries to come.


Engaged Compassion

Membership allows an invested interest in the decisions that shape the Wangapeka. It supports the flourishing of the centre – and gifts to future generations of children, a place to come for peaceful restoration, and ecological and spiritual nourishment.

Becoming a member actively supports the continuation of Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche’s teachings, and the many students and teachers he has inspired to dedicate their lives to the practicing and sharing of Dharma. It could be said that his teachings are in the actual earth of the centre – and his ashes are here in the Stupa.

It also protects the awe-inducing land and creatures that live here, which speaks to so many of the beauty and goodwill of life.