Alexander Technique with Marjory Fern and David Moore

Alexander Technique, Yoga and Vision Improvement

05 – 11 April 2017


The workshop begins on Wednesday 5th April at 4 pm and ends on Tuesday 11th after lunch.



The daily program will include:

  • Group Yoga class
  • Group Alexander Technique class
  • Group Vision and Alexander Technique class
  • Private lessons (each participant will get a 30 minute lesson from each teacher during the retreat)

Our fees include tuition and full board. Three meals a day are provided using Wangapeka’s own organic produce.



The Wangapeka Retreat is nestled in the foothills of the Southern Alps it overlooks the beautiful Wangapeka River with 140 acres of grounds. The centre has a range of accommodation options.



  • Single accommodation of eight units
  • Shared accommodation with bunk beds
  • Camping on site is also available


Getting there

The Wangapeka Retreat Centre can be accessed via either Nelson or Christchurch Airports.

Bus or shuttle transport can be organised from the airports to the centre.

We will coordinate transport to allow for group rates.

From Nelson Airport to the centre is 1.5 hours.

From Christchurch Airport to the centre is 4 hours.



The fees include food and accommodation, and there is a good early-bird discount offered up to 31st December 2016.

There is a range of different accommodation options. The number of each option which is available is listed here.

The fees quoted can be paid in either Australian or New Zealand dollars.

If you are paying in Australian dollars credit card facilities are available.

In New Zealand dollars by internet payment or cheque.


Hut – $1,300 – $1,200 early-bird (only one available)

Single Unit (small) – $1195 – $1095 early-bird

Double unit – $1095 – $995 early-bird

Tent site – $795 – $725 early-bird


Course teachers

Marjory Fern – Alexander and Bates Teacher

MARJORY FERN is a qualified Alexander Technique and Bates Method teacher with many years experience in private practice and in leading workshops in Europe, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.Central to her teaching is the use of the mind in vision,this approach has ennabled her to maintain her eyes and not wear glasses.


David Moore – Alexander Technique

DAVID MOORE is the director of the School for Alexander Studies in Melbourne, a training school for teachers of the Alexander Technique. He is the author of “Yoga and the Alexander Technique intelligent injury-free yoga.”


Booking details

$300 required to secure a booking – the balance payable on February 12.

Refund will be provided for cancellations only prior to February 12. No refunds can be given after that date. If you are travelling to the retreat we suggest that you take out travel insurance in case of any emergency which could cause you to have to cancel.


Contact details

For further information about the course please contact

Marjory Fern

Phone – (03) 5450706

email –


or in Australia

The School for F.M Alexander Studies:

Ph: +61 3 9486 5900 | email:





Created by F.M. Alexander (1869-1953) a Tasmanian born Australian actor, who lost his voice. Alexander set out to discover how to regain a healthy functioning of his voice and in doing so found many patterns of “misuse” within himself, and many overall habits he had to prevent. The technique he created has been taught since the 1890s. It is now taught in most countries in the world either in one to one lessons, or in workshops.

The principles he came to use and teach were:


UNITY: All human activity is part mental and part physical. Everything within the human being works together as a whole, mind ,body, spirit.

USE AFFECTS FUNCTIONING: That the way we use ourselves affects the way we function.

PREVENTION: Prevention in the sense of not doing or non doing is fundamental to the technique.Consciously waiting, thinking, avoiding previous habits, learning new ways by—-

DIRECTION: A reasoned plan to gain an end, (e.g a yoga pose,) a step by step approach to gain a satisfactory result while attending to one’s action throughout.


People come to Alexander Technique for many different reasons, e.g. singers, actors, sports people, yoga people, after injury, after operations, with postural problems.

Pupils are taught to become aware of personal habits in the way they use themselves in daily life especially when strain and tension are involved, the power of these habits, learning how to release these patterns and replace them by an easy “use”of appropriate muscles for whatever task is at hand.

By bringing to conscious level that which has been unconscious and habitual and learning to change faulty patterns,so that ease, balanced strength, co-ordination, and a dynamic poise in movement result.

The teacher uses skilled hands to release tension, to guide a pupil through movements in a new way leading to a CONSCIOUS CONSTRUCTIVE CONTROL of the total self, bringing to a conscious level that which has been unconscious and habitual.