An invitation to the Kiwis

How far are we willing to go, to explore the path to awaken?

We, Brazilians, are writing this article, as an invitation for you, Kiwis, to participate in the Guru Yoga retreat, with Jangchub (Lindsay Reid) at the Wangapeka, 5 – 14 April, 2019.

We had thought about many ways of writing to motivate you to participate. We could tell about how many groups of mindfulness instructors he already formed since 2011, when he started teaching this in Brazil; and we could tell you how this has spread directly and indirectly, allowing many people to be in touch with the teachings that support the searching for a more mindful and compassionate life.

Or, to say how deep he is able to touch every one of his students, with the Dharma teachings, with his kindness, caring, understanding; and always, when it is needed, to give an incentive to more direct action, to the challenge, to a more assertive look and attitude when we are too much lost and frozen in our own samsara.

Maybe, we can share with you the news that he is starting to build a meditation centre of the Lineage, a dream that he and the Sangha have carried for a while now.

All that seemed pretty good arguments, however we found in the text below, an even better suggestion:

“If we are able to keep our relationship with the Teacher as an open question, we will discover the abundance of their kindness and find our way to enter into the real practice.” – Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel

So, inspired by these words, we would like to invite you to come with your questions, your curiosity about the teachings, about the basic human challenges, about life; and to give yourself to this rich opportunity to experience how the Guru realisation can expand our way of living.

We do not expect you to have the same devotion or admiration that inspired us to plan all the personal, family and financial arrangements to cross the Pacific in order to follow Jangchub’s teachings (even though, that it is a good idea!), but considering that the realisations of the teachings mainly happen through personal and direct experience, we would just like to invite you to live this opportunity of getting close to the Lineage Wisdom through this Guru Yoga retreat.

With warm Brazilian hugs,

Ana and Juliana