Assisting the Centre and the Sangha

The profound oasis of sanity that is the Wangapeka was established in 1975. The centre has always and continues to strive to be a place of refuge and learning for everyone.

To assist this admirable objective accommodation and food costs for courses and retreats are kept to a minimum. The Wangapeka remains a not for profit organisation and aims to provide value for money to all. Any income is reinvested in the centre. Dharma teachers do not receive fees for their teaching but are dependent on the generosity of student donations. 

A Sangha Support Fund exists to assist those participants who are unable to afford accommodation fees. This relies solely on donations from Sangha members and friends of the Wangapeka. 

The centre has applied its minimum fees approach for many years even if it meant making a loss in some years. Dana to the centre has been and continues to be appreciated and freely given. 

Inevitably fee increases are needed from time to time to cover the cost of inflation and to meet the costs of upgrading, repairing and maintaining the centre. After over 40 years of activity some of the Wangapeka’s facilities are overdue for some renovation and modernisation. The Wangapeka has to meet present-day regulations with respect to building code plus increasingly stringent health and safety standards. With the centre frequently full to capacity and with year round courses, wear and tear has increased. The Board of Trustees, conscious of significant and rising costs, has therefore agreed to raise accommodation and food costs to ensure the centre can meet present-day demands. From April 1st 2019, food costs will increase to $21 per night for adults and $12 per night for children aged 5–13 years, and accommodation costs for adults will increase to $53 per night, or $43 per night for members. Members are eligible for discounted rates after one-year of membership.

For now the accommodation costs will remain a flat rate no matter the season, the length of course or the type of accommodation, be it a self-contained hut with a spectacular vista or an accommodation block with a shared bathroom. The possibility of changing accommodation costs to match location and length of course will be reviewed before April 1st 2020 and the board welcomes feedback from the Sangha on how to ensure the transaction costs of short courses and retreats are reflected in fee rates. 

The Board of Trustees remains very aware and concerned that not everyone will be able to afford increased accommodation fees and reminds all Sangha members that the Sangha Support Fund is open for donations of any size. The amount of support the Centre can give to those who cannot afford accommodation depends on the Sangha Support Funds available to the Centre at the time.

May the centre thrive for a further 40 years.