Bodhi Seeds is Underway by Jaime Howell

Eight buddhing seeds begin. For some introducing, other reacquainting in ever fresh ways each other to pujas, cycles of samatha, anapanasati, moving bodies to dancing stuck places, all in the warm embrace of smiling and breathing. Matching skills and passions we are working with Guy and Faith to clear land, opening space down by the river, shifting wood, helping around new hut site Yongdu, clearing the meadow and preparing garden beds.

The photo is from our three day pilgrimage to Mt Patriarch (much to the entertainment/questioning of the some of the group members). The walk offered time for reflection, for bonding, a way to integrate our minglings with refuge and belonging into the majesty of the natural world. Walking through great forests, sweating up mountain paths, the wild goat, echos of the kea. A hut found, our home under a vast starry sky surrounded by snowy mountain peaks.

Everything included, nothing left out… After a testy climb to the near the summit of Patriarch we crafted a ceremony of empowerment to the known and not knowing parts of ourselves and the world around us. Blessed by teachers and teachings this was a peak for us all.

Now we are back, diving into week two, deepening, giving and preparing to welcome John Massey and Tarchin Hearn. This years Bodhi Seeds explorers include; Daniel Burgess-Milne, Ronnie Englard, Jeremy Burgess-Milne, Carlo Douglas, Nick Laurence, Ross Innes-Mcleish, Lou Sherrell and Heidi Bleackley.

Bodhi Svaha
Jaime Howell

Haiku and comment

by Ross Innes-Mcleish

For the last 10 days the eight of us have been weaving a shared tapestry of belonging here at the centre. A wholesome balance of formal practice, dana to the land, music, dance and play have allowed us craft a strong container to carry us through the rest of the month. I am humbled by the many gifts our commmunity have to share. Receiving, giving, expanding, deepening, I feel humbled to be here.

Young blackbird hopping

To and fro on the emerald grass

Master of presence.