Bonni and Mila

Introductory Meditation Retreat with Bonni Ross

17 – 24 February 2017


Where Do I Start?
I’ve never done a retreat before.
I’m an activist. How will meditation help me with that?
I’ve always wished I could start at the beginning!
I’m afraid I’ll be overwhelmed by negative feelings.
Silent for a whole week? How can anyone do that?
Teachers make me nervous.


This is a retreat about how to do a retreat. For those who are new to meditation, it will build confidence and answer all those questions you think everyone ELSE knows the answer to. For those with some experience, it will provide overview, context and skilful tools that will enhance the retreat work you do in the future.

Whether your motivation is to help heal the world, or simply to heal yourself (and how could those two be separate?) this retreat will start you on a practical path designed for those who aspire to live in the world more wisely and compassionately.



Room: $471.00
Camp: $415.00

Room: $513.00
Camp: $436.00

Costs include room and board; food planning and prep. and teachers travel.

These numbers do not include any Dana to the teacher,  which is left up to each individual to gift according to their own internal judgement. One of the fundamental tenets of the teaching that will be touched on in this short course is this parami of “Dana”, which can be tied to the strength needed to let go of old concepts and emotional states in order for new possibilities to arise.

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