Ethical Giving for Nepal – Urgent Request

Message from Tarchin Hearn to our worldwide community:

Dear Friends
Yesterday I received an e-mail requesting help to send immediate, practical aid to Nepal. I have known Anna Crotty in Tasmania for a number of years and am inspired by her extraordinary hard work dedicated to helping people in dire need. Her organisation, “Tents 4 Peace” works on a shoe string and virtually all money that is donated ends up directly helping those in need. We have all heard of the terrible disaster unfolding in Nepal. If you would like an opportunity to donate in a way that guarantees maximum effect for your gift please go to Tents 4 Peace and give what you can.
with reverence for life and a deep desire to share the blessings

Dear friends, please see the message below forwarded from our friends at Tents4Peace International. We recommend Tents4Peace International as a highly ethical organisation.

Earthquake Hits Nepal

Nepal is one of the poorest Nations in the World

Homelessness and Despair as the death toll increases

Grieving, cold and homeless, thousands of vulnerable families have been traumatised by the deadliest earthquake that has hit Nepal in 80 years. Whole villages have been destroyed and countless poor have been left without shelter, water and medical supplies.

Assistance by larger NGO’s is underway to rescue thousands in the Katmandu and Pokhara areas of Nepal, but many remote villages in the mountainous and hilly areas with disperse rural populations will not receive immediate emergency assistance until, in all probability, it is too late.

Tents4Peace, a reputable and award winning Australian grass roots organisation, has a proven track record for effectiveness and fast life-saving service to remote and sometimes inaccessible areas. See

We are in the position, with your assistance, to be the lifesavers NOW to those in remote areas, until more substantial aid is offered in the long term.

We have EMERGENCY KITS for $100.

A kit consists of a six person tent, blanket/s, medical kit, water purifying tablets, light stove with fuel, matches and torch plus some warm clothing and one weeks supply of rice.

We are on stand-by with equipment on the Indian border, but we need your financial donation to buy 500 kits. We will deliver them in bundles of 100 as the donations come in.

BUY ONE Individually or Share with friend/or friends

Go to Please put your name and address so we can send you a receipt.

Contact: Anna Crotty Email:  Phone: +61438358516

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