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Mithraic Journey: Healing Gods & Goddesses Retreat with Mira Riddiford

Jun 7, 2019Jun 14, 2019

Weekend option available

The Mithraic Journey is based on a series of symbolic, ancient mystery teachings from Roman times, helping people live better, more purposeful lives.

Mithras is one of the oldest known gods, having been contemplated for over 3,500 years, throughout a multitude of continents, by a number of pre-Christian religions. Many of Mithras’s symbols and rituals were eventually adapted into Christianity. 

Working with Mithras helps us to release blocked energy, empowering us to develop our psyches and step into our fuller potential as human beings.

On this retreat we will integrate the strengths and qualities of:

  • Mercury, the god of financial abundance, and remover of obstacles
  • The mirror-like wisdom of the goddess Prudence
  • The boundaries and fearlessness of the god Mars
  • The loving-kindness, tenderness and compassion of Aphrodite
  • The stability and steadfastness of Jupiter, and the healing energies of the warrior goddess Sekhmet
  • The friendship and fairness of Mithras
  • The god Saturn, who represents not having to struggle to survive

And many more gods and goddesses.

On behalf of the Wangapeka Centre, Mira Riddiford welcomes you to a week of immersion and practice in the tradition of Western Mysticism.

Encompassing archetypes, meditations and symbolism from Egyptian, Greek and Roman spirituality as well as Cabalistic, Islamic and Christian times, Western Mysticism is for those who:

  • have an interest in these symbols and tradition and wish to use them for practical healing in everyday life
  • are curious about esoteric, pagan and nature-based teachings
  • are looking for mindfulness practices and mantras that focus on western god and goddess archetypes
  • are looking to explore a deeper level of psychic awareness and spirituality
  • have a desire to learn the origins and evolution of ancient western god and goddess archetypes and their manifestation throughout different cultures
  • are looking to understand and integrate their divine feminine and masculine energies

About the retreat

With 20 years of Buddhist and Western Mystical study and practice with teachers around the world, Mira employs these esoteric teachings of ancient god and goddess archetypes and symbolism to support empowered, healing and mindful meditation practices.

She believes we all possess positive energies and healing powers within us. Her work focuses on identifying, awakening and being able to call forth these healing energies through:

  1. Recognition: Using mythology and visuals of ancient gods and goddesses through time, and exploring how their forms manifested and took different names throughout different cultures.
  2. Symbolism: Delving into the motifs and artefacts depicting gods and goddesses possess and what they stand for.
  3. Desired Traits: Understanding why ancient cultures focused on these symbols and archetypes – to raise the archetypes’ traits within themselves.
  4. Personified energies: Learning to call upon these energies or traits to overcome one’s own personal or emotional battles and fears.
  5. Integration: Call the above healing energies and integrating their powers to guide and aid you in your everyday life, by way of mindfulness meditation and mantras.

What can I expect to achieve?

  • A greater understanding of god and goddess archetypes
  • The opportunity to unplug from the busyness and demands of everyday life
  • An opportunity to reconnect with nature and your body and safely process your emotions
  • A way to sit with and heal the difficulties of everyday life
  • The ability to go deeper in your meditation and mindfulness practice
  • A takeaway kit of visual tools, practical mantras and texts to continue to heal and strengthen your practice
  • A deeper sense of mindfulness and personal empowerment
  • Initiation into the esoteric teachings and the opportunity to further study and pursue this spiritual path

What should I bring?

Whilst a more detailed practical packing list will be provided, we suggest that to get the most out of the workshop, bring:

  • an open, curious “beginner’s mind”
  • a genuine interest in western mysticism and esoteric teachings
  • a willingness to partake in the suggested exercises and activities
  • an open heart that’s ready to receive these energetic gifts
  • an inclusive attitude of all religions, backgrounds, genders and races
  • your meditation practice (all levels welcome)
  • your sense of humour
  • retreat etiquette – this retreat will be in silence other than class times, to encourage calm and clarity

Daily Schedule

7am – 8am: Breakfast

9am: Class

1pm: Lunch, main meal of the day cooked by Lily and helpers

3pm: For the most part this afternoon period will be personal time for practicing the meditations given in the morning, resting or gentle forest walking

6pm: Light supper cooked by Lily and helpers

7.30pm: Group meditation sit

The Retreat Team

Meditation Teacher

Mira Riddiford is a meditation and mindfulness teacher who runs retreats and series in Australasia. Her online classes have participants joining from North America, Europe, and Asia. With more than 20 years of daily practice, Mira has been trained through retreat work, study and apprenticeship in the Namgyal Rinpoche stream of teachings. She has a close ongoing relationship/association with the Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre and the Auckland Sphere Group.

Having worked in creative fields, Mira understands how mindfulness can enhance the arts, and she is respectful of diversity in all its forms. Mira focusses on the relevance of mindfulness in modern daily living, and how it can help bring about calm and well being. She specialises in making teachings on Western Mysteries, Archetypal integration and Non-Duality available, and clear to students who are new to these subjects. Her contemporary warm and engaging style breathes life into these meditation teachings.

Mira is passionate about what we can learn from these ancient gods and goddesses and how these teachings can work as a map for personal development. You can find out more about her work here: www.westernmysticism.com

Course Manager

We are grateful for having the wonderfully supportive energy of Nicola assisting Mira on this retreat. Nicola will be helping with the logistics of the retreat running smoothly.

Contact Nicola for more information: dancing.seas@gmail.com


We are glad to announce that Lilly Redgrave will be our looking after our nourishment. At the Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre we have a holistic understanding of wellbeing for body and mind.

Date: 7 June 2019, 6pmJune 14 2019, 2pm

Investment: $676 (*plus dana)

Members discounted price: $606 (*plus dana)

If using Paypal please add 5% of the total cost and include with your payment to cover Paypal’s fees – many thanks.

To register please fill out our online registration form

Register now

*Please consider becoming a Wangapeka member – click here for details.

If you need to apply for Sangha Support (financial assistance with paying a portion of your fees) please contact the Wangapeka Centre.

*Plus Dana (donation) to Mira for her teachings.

These figures above include accommodation, food and a nominal contribution towards Mira’s travel costs. They don’t include any dana/donation to Mira for the teachings she will impart. So people from different income brackets can benefit from this retreat, no set fee is put on the teachings. Please give generously according to your means, taking into account Mira has a family to provide for and that meditation teachings are her primary income and support the further scholarship of Western Mysticism. You could use as a guide $20 – $60 per day (with the understanding that everyone’s circumstances are different). Please bring cash to pay for the Dana.



“Wow! The meditation retreat with Mira Riddiford was so incredibly powerful & transformational for me. I spent the entire week in my own private hut which allowed me to deeply explore my mind, body & spirit. Meditating on gods, goddesses & tarot card archetypes opened me up to new ways of being. Almost like I could create myself & BE anyway I choose in each moment. I feel like I was reborn. On top of the transformation that was happening inside, I felt immense peace being surrounded by nature on the outside. Mira’s teachings were thoughtful yet playful. Her strong presence, intuition & wisdom created a safe, loving space where everyone’s needs were acknowledged. She is a powerhouse Wonder Woman. A truly amazing retreat to be on.” – L. Hill

“I highly recommend the Western Mysteries series with Mira. Anyone genuinely searching for meaning in life will not be disappointed. This course is so rich with content, thoroughly enjoyable and so much more than an intellectual exercise. Mira took us on a journey of exploration of the fabric of life. Her wealth of practical experience in esoteric study allows these teachings to truly come alive.” – N. Stevens

“The Western Mysteries retreat was a highly supported environment for the exploration and meditation on the Tarot archetypes. Mira’s teaching was thought-provoking and gripping, nurturing the various levels of meditators present. It was an incredible experience to explore the Dharma from this colourful, creative and totally different perspective – with such a gifted, open-minded, modern, tuned-in teacher. I am only beginning to see the effects of the retreat, but am beyond grateful to have been there.” – N. Karneef

“Recently I attended a Western Mysteries retreat taught by Mira Riddiford.

I originally registered hoping for a rest and respite from a busy work life in community healthcare. I was not disappointed and received so much more.

Mira skilfully held space for the diverse retreatants to experience the teachings. These were vibrantly given in a respectful, humorous and supportive way.

They were fascinating teachings, drawing on ancient western wisdom, while also resonating with modern science.

Being a fledgling meditator, discovering meaningful ways to support myself and others was gold. Drawing on thousands of years of collective wisdom has been an unexpected and refreshing experience.

Returning to daily life and facing a particularly challenging situation, I found myself naturally drawing on the rich learning experiences to feel further calm and support.”  – S. Hollobon

“The Western Mysticism retreat with Mira Riddiford was a precious opportunity to experience the richness, colour and depth of meditating on archetypes and symbols. As the stillness and silence deepened, I felt I could catch a glimpse of gods and goddesses behind the next tree. The delicious meals provided by the Mystery Kitchen were also very memorable. What a profound gift to study a path exploring the spiritual traditions of my ancestors. A magical week.” – N. Paton

“With an interest in meditation, but being unfamiliar with Buddhist imagery, Mira’s course on Western Mysticism resonated strongly with me. Contemplating together on some of the classical and pagan icons, so embedded in Western culture and heritage, was a powerful means of gaining greater insight. The beauty and tranquillity of the Wangapeka Retreat Centre was a wonderful place to enjoy that.” – J. Leyland

Can’t make this retreat? Perhaps these events will suit:

  • Garden of Mindfulness, 28 December 2019 – 4 January 2020 (GOM has been running annually since 1994/95 – started by Tarchin Hearn, this will be Mira’s fifth to teach).
  • Wellington, NZ 2019 August/September dates being organised
  • Western Mysteries Wangapeka, NZ, 10 – 17 of June 2020
  • Southland, NZ 2020 August/September dates being organised
  • Garden of Mindfulness, Wangapeka NZ, 28 December 2020 – 04 January 2021

Mira gives personal meditation interviews through Skype

Book an interview


Jun 7, 2019
Jun 14, 2019
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Welcome to the Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre. People visit from all over the world to meditate and enjoy the peace of this remarkable destination. The Wangapeka is a purpose built retreat centre, with fresh clean air and beautiful vistas. It is very quiet and ideal for respite, stress relief and deep meditation. We have a meditation hall, solo retreat huts, a main hall for dining and community, and a fully catered kitchen and an onsite vegetable garden.

The Wangapeka Study and Retreat Meditation Centre is a Universalist centre home to a wide range of teachings, paths, and studies. Retreats are held on Mindfulness, Vipassana, Insight, Heart based practices, Loving Kindness, Calm-abiding, Metta, Compassion, Conscious Movement, Nature, Forest Walks, Yoga, Dance, Feldenkrais, Wellness, Wellbeing, Archetypal Integration, Western Mysticism, Non-Duality, Zen, Dzogchen, Mahamudra, Mahayana and Vajrayana teachings with Empowerments and Sadhana Practice.

We are located in the foothills of the Southern Alps overlooking the Wangapeka River, about an hour and a half drive SW of Nelson, in the South Island of New Zealand.

We have meditation retreats throughout the year, have huts available for solo retreats, and welcome bookings from external groups. There are also opportunities available to work on our land. Come and enjoy this uniquely vibrant and peaceful centre.

355 Wangapeka River Rd
R.D.2. Wakefield 7096
New Zealand
Phone: +64 3 522 4221

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