Heart Treasures of the Victorious One Retreat with Bonni Ross and Matthew Eades

Beyond Space; Beyond Time

April 14 to May 12 2017


We craft the future in every moment.  New dimensions emerge from this very present, informed by infinite moments of all sentient life.  The Namgyal vibration seeds each new dispensation of Buddhadharma in the world, and in each individual.  The essence of the Namgyals invigorates the past, transcends forms and spaciously embraces the new.


It is our opportunity to nurture and develop this precious gift.  A practice text revealed in stages by Namgyal Rinpoche in 1974 will open us to universal love and clear-seeing.  We will also draw from the Teaching Dharma Treasury, a body of work Rinpoche offered in consecutive retreats at The Dharma Centre of Canada in the summer of 2003, just a few months before he passed away.


This retreat is offered by Bonni and Matthew in gratitude to their root teacher, Venerable Namgyal Rinpoche.  As a person, he was an enigma of contradictions and as a presence, an unfathomable vastness.  We are all the beneficiaries of his great vow of compassion for all beings, his vast mind, impeccable respect for the breadth and depth of enlightenment expressed throughout all times and cultures, his efforts to preserve the living legacy of the Buddha’s teachings, his passionate engagement with this spectacular planet, his boundless creativity and ability to communicate directly to us with humour and graceful intellect.  May we, through diligent practice, embody these qualities in the womb of now.


This work is particularly suited to those with ample training and experience who are called to share their experience of Buddhadharma with others.  In addition, mature practitioners, with wholesome minds, well-balanced emotions and physical bodies able to cope with the rigours of Wangapeka terrain are welcome to attend.




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These include all meals and accommodation for 4 weeks, cooks’ fee, contribution to teachers’ travel fee, and materials fee. This does not include Dana for the teachers. Please give as generously as you are able to.

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About Bonni and Matthew:

Bonni Ross has been based in Roberts Creek, BC, Canada for the past 16 years and currently spends half the year teaching in Nelson, New Zealand. Since 1978 she has been a creative catalyst for study and practice of the philosophical, theoretic and meditative foundations of Buddhadharma, as well as providing practical and pleasurable methods for increasing awareness, kindness and wisdom in daily living. Bonni guides individuals in developing more focussed and skillful meditation and leads retreats for depth unfoldment.


Matthew Eades is a graduate of the Kinmount Academy and Seminary founded by Venerable Namgyal Rinpoche and has supported Dharma Centres around the world in different capacities for 30 years.  In 2000, he and Bonni founded Sunshine Coast Retreat House in Roberts Creek, BC. “The world is my cloister” was its motto. Their formal and informal teaching partnership has brought a lively flavour to the work they have committed to in Nelson NZ for the past five years.


Conscious development of spiritual community has been a lively part of the engagement Bonni and Matthew have with students in Canada and New Zealand. They both have extensive experience working in the world and this, plus idiosyncratic senses of humour, informs a practical, integrated approach to committed practice.