Inspiring Wellness Retreat with Lekshe Chodron

25th  –  27th November 2016

In this retreat we will look at different aspects of health and wellness, fitness and exercise, diet and food, sleep and relaxation. As well as the link between our mind states and our overall health.

Working with breath awareness and a series of simple and very gentle movements we will encourage mindfulness, relaxation, breath-body-mind connection and support healing.

“Discover the bliss of present moment experience through breath awareness and yogic movement to encourage breath-body-mind connection, sharpened mental focus, stress reduction, relaxation and to support healing.”

You will have the opportunity to ask questions, to learn and be motivated to change lifestyle habits that may be negatively impacting your health

Lekshe will highlight resources from DVDs, books and websites that you will be able to access outside of the retreat if you wish.

Come with a friend, partner or family member so that you can receive the full benefit of the retreat and so that you can ‘buddy up’ outside of the retreat and keep yourselves motivated.

Healthy meals will be provided as part of the retreat.

Costs: $175  ($150 if registered and paid in full more than 7 days before the workshop starts). This is brilliant value as it includes accomodation, food and a cook.

Plus Dana (Donation) for Lekshe.


If using Paypal please add 5% of the total cost and include with your payment to cover Paypal’s fees – many thanks.

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Lekshe Chodron has been practicing mindfulness meditation and yoga since 2000 and Reiki since 2005. She is a mindfulness teacher, qualified yoga teacher and Reiki Master Practitioner. Lekshe skillfully weaves together her knowledge and passion for these different traditions in an easy to understand style to offer wellness workshops and retreats, mindfulness courses, Reiki sessions and yoga to both children and adults of all abilities and requirements.


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