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This year’s Young Adult Retreat (YAR) was a resounding success on many levels; the retreat was full with a substantial waiting list and the work exchange for the centre was impressive in terms creating a new hut site, painting bathrooms, preparing the veggies garden to name but a few of the tasks. All the participants left uplifted, inspired and resourced.

What was most rewarding for me as a co-facilitator/mentor for the Young Adult Retreat was the knowledge that YAR was led by three young adults, and that two of these developing facilitators are graduates of Bodhi Seeds. The whole cycle is deeply rewarding. Young people finding refuge, belonging and becoming facilitators in their own right through programmes such as Bodhi Seeds, who then offer their inspiration attracting their peers to Wangapeka. The centre benefits not only in terms of Dana projects but I suspect the coming generation of future board members and teachers may also be found through nourishing these seeds 

This said, I Jaime Howell the Bodhi Seeds course director need your help. Bodhi Seeds does not cost much relative to the what it offers. I value the work and do most of it for free to support these young people and the Wangapeka. The actual costs are between $2000-4000 a year depending on whether we fly Tarchin down from Auckland and offer experiences such as Rites of Passage. 

The Wangapeka Board remains very supportive of Bodhi Seeds and is keen for the course to become further established. This has to be done within the context of the overall management of the centre and the need to raise funds for the centre to maintain its buildings, facilities and staff. A recent review of policies and guidance related to privacy and fund raising has decided to focus Wangapeka web based resources on direct support to the centre. Fund raising for individual courses needs to be done by the course organisers. 

This means Bodhi Seeds is no longer able to use the Wangapeka mailing list to ask for help. Without this community support Bodhi Seeds may cease to run.

With this in mind, I am writing to you as the current ambitious director of Bodhi Seeds to invite you to join a purpose built Bodhi Seeds mailing list. We will not send frequent emails, rather the use the list respectfully and wisely to relay news about youthful living dharma projects.

If you are interested to stay in touch, be that to support the work from time to time or just receive news then please join this mailing list.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this. I wrote it because my sense is that there are people around the world who value the opportunity to support youthful dharma initiatives that embrace the wisdom of the lineage with the passion and needs of the generations coming forth.

Sarva Manglam,

Jaime Howell