What makes up the Annual WET programme?

A few years ago a small sub-committee (The Programmes Committee) was rejuvenated by the WET Board which in consultation with the Board has the responsibility for co-ordinating aspects of the WET programme.

Over the years the programme offered at Wangapeka has developed some regular events – these are outlined below. The main emphasis in the programme is to attempt to balance the needs of the wider WET Sangha together with the inclusion of new groups and individuals so that they can also share the precious gift of Wangapeka. In addition there is the desire to have retreats/courses for experienced meditators as well as beginners and to include the young and the not-so-young amongst us. There is, of course, the financial need for the Wangapeka to “balance its books” so attendance at courses is also an important consideration.

Currently we have the following retreats and courses running at the Centre each year:

  • At least one long retreat (one month or longer and often there is more than one). These are led by senior teachers and usually occur in late Summer/Autumn
  • The 2-month “Winter Programme” facilitated by different members of the WET Sangha offering a range of short courses/retreats and covering a range of topics. This has been a great way to introduce new people to the Wangapeka, for members to get some experience in teaching/facilitating at WET as well as an effective use of what had become “down-time” at Wangapeka
  • Body-focused courses, Liberation through the Body, Feldenkrais and Yoga
  • The Family/Community Course (GoM – Garden of Mindfulness: the longest running annual event at Wangapeka). This happens after Xmas and runs into the New Year.
  • Week long retreats by experienced members of the sangha on a range of dharma related themes (for example Western Mysteries, Compassionate Communication, Mindfulness )
  • A couple of Introductory retreats (a 1-week and a weekend retreat – run as part of the Winter Programme)
  • Young Adults Courses (a 1-week retreat in Dec and more recently a 6-week course run concurrently with the Winter Program)
  • Individual personal retreats that happen at various times of the year in the WET huts on the property
  • Various miscellaneous events (e.g. the WET AGM, the annual Caretakers/WET Board retreat, Work weekends and huis, the Xmas open day)
  • Time set aside for Centre maintenance
  • A wide variety of courses run by groups hiring the Centre as a venue–

During the AGM weekend 27/28/29 July there will be opportunity for comments and feedback regarding the Programme offered at the Centre. In addition, any member is always welcome to communicate directly with the Board.

Mark Schrader and Jane Hobday