Nelson: A Morning of Contemplative Exploration with Tarchin Hearn



Date: Saturday 25th August, 2018

Time: 9.30 to 12.30, with a short break for a cuppa

Venue: Nelson Buddhist Centre, 87 Nile St, Nelson (opposite Central School)

Cost: $20 plus Dana to Tarchin

For nearly 50 years Tarchin Hearn has been immersed in various traditions of Buddhist philosophy and practice. Blending them with interests in life sciences and ecology. Today he is a widely respected teacher and practitioner of contemplative science, natural awakening and the way of Mahamudra. He has taught in many countries and helped establish a number of Centres for retreat and healing. His work links personal and communal healing with a deep ecological perspective in ways that have inspired a wide range of people from a variety of diverse backgrounds and traditions. Tarchin lives in New Zealand with his partner and long-term companion Mary Jenkins.

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