Power to the Wangapeka! Major Fundraising Campaign Underway

New electrical infrastructure will ensure the Wangapeka can meet increasing demand and operate to its full potential

Fundraising for this project has had a $6,600 kick start thanks to a small group of generous supporters close to the Wangapeka. Thank You!!! Now we’ve got $43,400 NZD to go.

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Electricity supply is a vital part of our infrastructure. With increasing attendance at retreats over the years, the current infrastructure has been struggling to meet demand for some time now, with circuit breakers regularly tripping due to overload, particularly in winter. Electrical regulations have tightened and expectations in accommodation standards and warmth have also increased.

Currently have a 30Amp system and we’re adding a 60 Amp system for a total of 90Amps.

Upgrading our electrical supply will give us the capacity to heat all of the accommodation units, ensuring all retreatants are warm and comfortable in winter. We will also be able to heat and light the Octagon more effectively, making it a more usable space. In the long term, we would be able to supply electricity to new facilities including the proposed new volunteer accommodation block.


All of this and much more becomes possible if we can upgrade our infrastructure. However, we must start this work now, so it can be completed this summer while conditions are dry and before the higher electricity demands of the 2020 winter kick in.

Wangapeka, as it is today, would not exist without the moral, financial and intensive labour support that many kind people have freely given. Your donation will ensure the centre can operate to its full potential, offering teachings of wisdom & compassion its growing community for many years to come.

Wangapeka Electricity Supply Upgrade – In Depth

The total cost of the upgrade is $50,000 plus GST. This figure has come from extensive consultations with Delta (a contractor for Network Tasman) and covers excavation, trenching and wiring and equipment fees, and a new connection fee of $14,900+GST.

If you’d like to learn more about this project, please check out the following “In Depth” document. – https://bit.ly/35wkl5H