Wangapeka Board News Update for 2018

There have been a few changes on the Wangapeka Board. Kath Mitchell is our new Co-Ordinator and Louise Petzold the Assistant Co-Ordinator.

The new Board is now not so new, having worked closely together since the AGM last July. We are all committed to a collaborative style of decision making and as part of this we have decided to rotate chairing our monthly meetings. Already it has been interesting and enjoyable to experience different leadership styles and to observe and appreciate how we each navigate robust discussion and sound decision making. Listening to each other is, of course, key. We all have such different areas of experience it makes for a good brew.

Each meeting, Faith and Guy keep us in touch with what is happening on the ground at the Centre. We receive monthly reports from the Land Caretaker, Treasurer, Office Caretaker, Programmes Committee and also we have a Communications update from Mira. Being on the Board of a thriving Dharma Centre is such a valuable training ground for us all. Although it is a significant commitment we gain in a myriad of ways.

At the moment some of the key areas we are looking at are:

  • Completing the new hut
  • Water supply at the Centre
  • Power supply at the Centre
  • Fundraising
  • Membership
  • Programming for 2019 as we have more requests than space available
  • Work exchange

Please feel free to contact any of us about issues close to your heart in relation to the Wangapeka. May our work be for the benefit of all beings.

The current trustees are:

by Jane Hobday, for the Board of Trustees