Wangapeka comes out of the Stone Age

Physical labour along with improvisation and simplicity is an essential ingredient in the making of Wangapeka Retreat Centre. To save the driveway from catastrophic wash-away, stone culverts were once upon a time installed to channel water underneath. Each underground culvert was a compilation of “letter D” shaped sections of concrete and reinforced steel. They are extremely heavy subterranean tools of the Stone Age.

Habitually these underground infrastructures would become blocked and offer stubborn resistance to the process of becoming unblocked. The Landcaretaker’s customary attempts, often in heavy rain, consisted of poking and prodding with long primitive original instruments from top and bottom to tease out and liberate the build up of blockage material. Strangely satisfying as this task has been, I am pleased to announce the beginning of a new age. The Age of the Plastic Culvert. Four 400 mm diameter heavy duty culverts have now been installed replacing their less sophisticated cousins. Modernisation takes no hostages.