In Remembrance of Warwick Broadhead

13th of January update:
Warwick’s funeral was attended by upwards of 600 people at St Matthew in the City, Auckland, many people were standing as the church was filled to capacity. Wangapeka Community members were there to farewell Warwick. The Wangapeka was spoken of as a meaningful part of Warwick’s life, and also the traveling retreats Warwick did with Tarchin Hearn. The meditation on Death and Impermanence, from the Daily Puja was read out. It was a beautiful ceremony. Warwick was very much honoured for being himself, honest and unashamed. He was truly embraced by his community.
This account goes into more detail:

12th of January update:
From Chimé Shore

“Warwick gave a unique flavour to the teachings and contributed strongly to the life of the Wangapeka. So many will have special memories associated with his theatre.
Sarva mangalam indeed,
much love,

Warwick interview with Barry Crump on National Radio on Christmas Eve:

11th of January update:
Ceremony details – St Matthew In The City Church (corner of Hobson and Wellesley Sts, Auckland), 11am, 13 January, 2015.

Funeral notice from Warwick Broadhead’s family:
Broadhead, Warwick Stanley, born 22 December 1944, died peacefully in his home on Waiheke Island, Thursday 8 January 2015. Such a loving and very loved and inspirational son, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, grand uncle, great grand uncle, godfather, dear friend, neighbour. Enjoyed by so many he encountered everywhere.
We give thanks for knowing Warwick. We are grateful for all that he has offered this world as an innovator, dramatist, director, challenger, lover, teacher, man. We wish Warwick well on his way into the mystery.

11th of January Update:
Tarchin Hearn and Mary Jenkins are at Warwick Broadhead’s home this morning, giving an Amitabha puja for him.

For those of you familiar with the Amitabha practise Tarchin’s has composed a beautiful contemplation sadhana text which you can practise here:

10th of January:
Warwick Broadhead, a much loved and respected member of the Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre community has passed away. He was 70 years of age. Warwick was a very loving and warm-hearted man, filled with creative and artistic vision. He was a wonderful meditator who knew the value of peace, and the joy of wildness and freedom.

Through Christine Gisby: “Hi all, Just letting you know that our friend in Dharma Warwick Broadhead died the other day. He was found sitting in a chair in complete relaxation and tranquility! Not sure of any other detail right now nor can I tell you when his funeral will be. There will be within the next week a celebration of his life on Waiheke Island. Apparently he has left specific instructions! I have no doubt it will be a flamboyant affair!” Sarva mangalam! Christine.

This article below speaks more about Warwick’s life as an eccentric performer and celebrates his life.

Here is the trailer for the film about Warwick’s life: Rubbings From A Live Man.

And the avant garde “Angel” scene where Warwick talks about growing up as a young man in New Zealand.

Tributes are pouring in some of which you can read here:

and a non-facebook highlighted version here:

It is lovely to read of how many lives he has touched through his honest, playful presence.

Banner image courtesy of Live Man Films and the NZ Film Commission.