Your World: A Poem Inspired by Tarchin Hearn

Your world is my world
And my world is your world
Let all of me be present for all of you
Let’s forget about the past
Let’s forget about the future
Let’s stay here for a moment, together –
Riding the ever cresting wave of now

What would it truly be for all of me
To be present for all of you?

No expectations, no big ideas
No perfections, no imperfections
No limitations, no boundaries, no walls
No unjust perceptions or preconceptions
No putting up, no putting down
No judgement, no levelling
No changing, no challenging
No managing, no maliating
No masticating you in to a beautiful platter for me to devour

Just you, the whole you, in your totality
And me the same
We the same

Shall we?

By Ronnie Englard
Bodhi Seeds 2018